With your help, we can raise awareness around the opioid epidemic and encourage participation in our communities. By sharing information about Take Back Day with your loved ones, you’ll be helping to promote safe and effective methods of disposing prescription medications in our local area.


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April 27th | 10am - 2pm

Location: Piedmont Athens Regional

Other kiosks available:
55 Carlton Street, Athens, GA 30602
2142 W. Broad St. Bldg. 200, Athens, GA 30006



Location: Piedmont Columbus Regional

Other kiosks available:
3617 Hilton Ave, Columbus, GA 31904


April 27th | 10am - 2pm

Location: Piedmont Fayette


April 27th | 7am - 11am

Location: Chattahoochee Tech


April 27th | 10am - 2pm

Location: Piedmont Newnan

Other kiosks available:
1665 Hwy 34 E, Newnan, GA 30265

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Life-saving journeys.
Start here.

Living donors save lives. Be someone’s hero.
Find out how you can become a living donor.


Life-saving journeys.
Start here.

Living donors save lives. Be someone’s hero.
Find out how you can become a living donor.


What is living donation?

In living donation, a healthy person donates an organ (usually a kidney or part of a liver) to someone whose health depends on receiving it. Living donors give the gift of life.


people in the United States are currently waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.*

1 in 4

living donors are not biologically related to the recipient.*


living donations happen each year.*

Meet Becky and her hero, Amy.

When an infection caused her kidneys to fail, Becky was placed on the transplant list. Little did she know, she would find her perfect match at a book club.

Meet Joe, his champion Amber, and his hero Paul.

Joe’s liver disease could only be cured with a transplant, and he needed a living donation to end cycles of fatigue and hospital stays. Find out what happened when his wife posted a request for a living donor online.

Why should you be a living donor?

In Georgia, transplant candidates are more likely to die waiting for a deceased donor than receive a transplant.
Living donation cuts wait times and offers the best chance for long-term success.


The need is great

Someone is added to the national organ transplant list every 10 minutes. On average, 20 people on the list die every day.* By becoming a living donor, you can change these statistics—and save a life.

Smiley face

Maintain a healthy life

There are risks with any surgery, but with living donation, you can still lead a long, healthy life.


Recovery is quick

New minimally invasive surgical techniques make it easier for donors to recover. Most kidney donors are back to work within two weeks, while liver donors typically return to normal activities within two months.

Dollar sign

No cost to you

Most insurance companies will approve and cover the costs of a living donation, so you shouldn’t have any expenses related to evaluation, surgery, hospitalization or immediate post-operative care.


Save more than one life

If your blood type is incompatible with your loved one, you can still save a life—maybe two! Paired exchange allows two pairs of living donors and transplant candidates who don’t have matching blood types to swap for their ideal match. This way, more lives are saved.


Different doesn’t matter

A living donor could be a different gender, race or ethnicity from the recipient. In fact, some organs are so close to being a match that doctors can use innovative techniques to decrease the chances of rejection.

How does living donation work?

We make living organ donation as easy as possible for both the donor and the recipient. Know what to expect from kidney and liver donation with these quick, easy-to-understand guides.

Living Kidney Donation Process


Living Liver Donation Process


Question? We have an answer.

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Hero icon

Heroes start here.

Ready to be a hero? See if you are eligible by filling out a questionnaire.


Unable to donate? Become a Champion today.

Be a Champion.

Not everyone can be a living donor, but everyone can help someone in need.
That’s what our Champions program is about. Discover the champion in you today.